Less than 18 hours until the race! I am excited and a little scared too.  I know what I am up against: some injuries, some asthma, and 26 miles. That being said, I am planning accordingly. I have trained over the past four months to run the race at 10 min/mile pace; however, I am going to err on the side of safety and try to keep a consistent 11 min/mile pace. I am hoping that the stars align and that I feel amazing tomorrow.  My main goal is to run the whole race; however, I am preparing myself mentally if things don’t work out as planned.

I am doing my last minute preparations: pinning my bib on, getting my playlist ready, and packing my pockets with some essentials (2 tablets of Tylenol, 2 packets of salt, and 2 bags of Cliff Shot Bloks).

If you happen to be in NYC tomorrow or will be joining in the mayhem, I would LOVE to see you out there and will NEED your support. Here is the run down of where I will be based on a 10 min/mile, 11 min/mile, and 12 min/mile. If you are interested in receiving splits of my times throughout the race, please sign-up at Fan Alert (my bib#: 49299), I may also have the times posted at  Please let me know what side of the street you will be on, so I can run on that side of the street.

I will be wearing a yellow “Livestrong” shirt (with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath), gray shorts, and a black bandanna. If I happen to look very very angry, it means I am running well. If I look anything but angry, say a prayer or two for me…things may get ugly.

Lastly, with the support of all of you, I raised $3,500! Thank you to everyone for all your donations and kind words!

Thanks again!!!


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