My New Motto: Progress, Everyday

My New Moto: Progress, Everyday


I stole this from the folks at iDonethis. I have know about these folks for ages, but have only recently started to use their simple and elegant service.

Here is what happens: Everyday, whenever I choose, they send me an email and ask: What did you do today?


And, I answer the question and add a hashtag. For example:

  • Finished TPS Report #work
  • Meditated for 10 minutes #selfgrowth
  • Spoke with Mom and Dad #family

Or, throughout the day, I jump into the website and enter what I did.


There has been a subtle shift: instead of asking: “What do I need to do next?” I am asking: “What did I do?”

Tony Robbins says change the questions you ask, change your life. This tiny change is creating self-awareness and self-reflection on where I am focusing my attention and my energy.

And, most importantly, it is helping me focus on how far I have come each day, rather than how much further I have to go.

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