The Power and Importance of Focus

Momentum Dash

Today, I had a huge to do list and was slowly chipping away at my many tasks. At around 3:35PM today, I began to feel tired and reflected: I had not got anything important done today. I had tried to get a bunch of tiny things done today, but if I am honest — none of my big “to dos” got done.

A couple months back, I experimented with focusing the first two hours of every morning on my highest priority.  For the next three months, I felt happier and got more done than I had ever gotten done before.

Being a little selfish and focusing on my personal highest priority project (whether it is work or personal), gave me freedom to give more freely to others, and reduced stress the whole day. If there was only one thing you got done today, what would it be?

A helpful app in this pursuit: Momentum Dash (seen above) takes over the background of Google Chrome ( and asks, “What is your main focus for today?”

Today, my honest answer was a question mark. Tomorrow, I hope I have a better idea.



Recommended Reading for Your Professional Journey

My favorite articles that I often refer to help recenter my professional journey:

  1. Change or Die by Alan Deutchman: In our personal and professional life — the most important thing to surviving and thriving is change; however, whether it a pre-diabetic individual focusing on health and wellness or a impatient manager realizing he or she needs to change, change seems almost impossible. This article delves into the science and art of change.
  2. The Brand Called You by Tom Peters: The new economy is an economy of tiny companies — we each have our own company; we each have our portfolio of clients (our jobs) and we each have our own brand: the brand of you. This article is 15 years before its time and it shows the kind of thought leader that Tom Peters is.
  3. The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time by Tony Shwartz: So many of feel burnt out or stressed or like zombies when we work. Tony Shwartz discusses on tiny personal and management habits that can transform your professional life.
  4. Create a Meaningful Life Through Meaningful Work by Umair Haque: Umair Haque’s amazing HBR article on creating meaningful life through meaningful work. Does your work: stand the test of time? test of excellence? The test of you? Umair writes with heart and reason, and, most importantly, it sticks. I want to meet this guy and learn everything he knows.

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