My Bio

  • Born in Canada but grew up moving between NY, NJ and Georgia.
  • My father was born in the Fiji Islands and my mother was born in South Africa and my sister was born in the US.
  • As a child, I grew up in ashrams practicing yoga and meditation, which I attribute to the biggest influence on my personal philosophy and way of living
  • I grew up dreaming of changing the world and, today, I focus on changing the world by living consciously.
  • I went to University of Michigan (Go blue!) and studied economics, math and the world. In my last year at Michigan, I gave up my math major, so I could focus on writing. During that time, I worked in a maximum security prison, where I learned about the human experience.
  • I have worked in investment management, semi-conductors, management consulting and at non-profits. My former boss once said, “One day, I am sure there will be two pictures hanging behind your desk: Warren Buffett and Mahatma Gandhi.”
  • I did my Yoga Teacher Training and just finished my first 10-day silent meditation. I practice yoga and meditation regularly.
  • I walked the Camino de Santiago (a 900km pilgrimage across Northern Spain)
  • I have run the NYC Marathon and the D.C. Half-Marathon.
  • I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel through dozens of countries around the world.

My Values

  • Intention: I have a strong understanding of why I do what I do. And, I create friendships and partnerships with individuals and organizations that do as well.
  • Mindfulness: I am mindful of my decisions and their implications. I recognize the human aspect of everything.
  • Trust: I focus on building relationships and partnerships based on mutual trust.
  • Innovation and Excellence: I strive to be innovative and reach excellence.
  • Sustainability: I am a sustainable financially, environmentally, culturally, socially and spiritually.
  • Humility and Learning: I am humble and always learning and trying new ideas.
  • Service: I am here to serve, support and pay-it-forward by doing as much good as possible.

Writing and Speaking

  • Blogging here at krishanvp.com
  • Games for Change Speaker July 2011: Extending learning both within the classroom and without the classroom
  • Speaker at the Deshpande Institute October 2010 “Breaking Down Problems” (not recorded)

My Reading List

  • ZenHabits.net, James Altutcher, Chris Billegueus’s The Art of Non-Conformity, Rolf Pott’s The Art of Vagabonding
  • DailyGood.org, iJourney.org, KarmaTube
  • Bhagavad Gita, Dhammapada and Upanishads

My Teachers

  • Gurumayi Chidvalasnanda
  • Dalai Lama
  • Thoreau
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Swami Vishnudevananda
  • Rumi
  • Thich Naht Hanh


None of these views on my Twitter Feed, Google Plus, this Blog or any other social media are not the views of my clients or employers.

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